Tuesday , October 20th 2020

Go Bagless

Vacuuming the carpet is not one of the sexiest of chores done around the home. However, it is a must to avoid living unhealthy and taking a sense of pride in cleanliness. But dealing with those traditional vacuum cleaner bags is a nightmare and expensive too. This article reveals an alternative to the pain involved in accomplishing the common chore of vacuuming the floor.

dirty vacuum bagIn the early days of the suction machine, the vacuum bag was the most important accessory on the device. After all, it is the place that the dirt, hair, and pennies are kept while you continue to clean your rugs. But if you aren’t mindful when handling them potential disaster could ensue.

The most prominent detriment of utilizing the vacuum bag is wrestling the damn thing in place…correctly! For the vacuum to do its job the opening of the bag needs to be fed over a small feed tube and secured with some spring type of a clip. You attempt to accomplish this in a three-inch space for the bag and your hands to maneuver. Failure to adjust it correctly would end in disaster.

If the bag is not secured it could pop off during operation sending a cloud of dust hovering in the room. Or if the feed tube opening that leads into the bag is obstructed you run the risk of losing the sucking power of the machine. This all sounds too difficult to deal with not to mention that these bags fill rather quickly and need to be replaced often. That sounds to me like additional money that has to be spent doing something that is not fun.

While taking a quick search for pricing on vacuum cleaner bags the prices seem to range from $1.80 up to $8.00 for one bag. And most places only carry them in 10 packs. So how do you get out of the vacuum cleaner bag business?

The best and most obvious method is to go bagless. There are newer vacuum cleaners that offer a technology that provides the best suction and does not require a bag to capture the debris. Most have seen Dyson and the Shark Navigator reviews on television introducing their brand of cyclone type of vac that uses a dirt cup to catch the dirt.

If you have a machine that requires bag chances are it’s an older one and needs replacing. When you do decide to buy a newer one look into the advancements made with the bagless vacuums and get rid of those vacuum cleaner bags once and for all.