Saturday , October 24th 2020

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Floor Cleaner with Self Charging and Wet /Dry Mop is designed to use at both the home and office. The cleaner’s slim body and the strong suction will help to pick all the dirt that is present on the floor. The cleaner is designed with an anti-bump that makes it safe for use at home. The robotic vacuum cleaner has a high level of intelligence, and whenever it runs out of power, it automatically returns to it’s charging dock.

Vacuum and Mopping

The cleaner is designed with a strong suction power that makes it perfect for cleaning floors at home and in the offices. It has dual brushes at both sides making it ideal for picking all sorts of objects such as pet’s hair, dirt, or debris from your floor. Despite its compact size, the smart vacuum cleaner is designed with an excellent suction capability. The high suction power will provide deep cleaning for your floor at home or in the office. The machine also has inbuilt sensors that will detect the amount of cleaning that a particular area on the floor requires.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

The feature of the cleaner will enable it to automatically return to the charging docket when its power runs out. It features advanced technology including the anti-bumping feature and the drop sensing that ensures a safe and effective cleaning process of your floor. You do not have to spend your time performing manual vacuum cleaning. The vacuum cleaners are very efficient and dependable. Take your free time to do other duties or relaxing your mind as the robotic vacuum cleaner does all the work in the house.

Dust Sensor

The dust sensor will detect dust and dirt from all hidden areas of the floor. The dust sensor ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process. You do not have to worry about having dust in your living room or office after cleaning it using this robot vacuum cleaner. The device is designed to meet your expectations. The ability of the sensor to detect the amount of cleanliness needed by a specific area of the floor makes it the perfect choice.

Virtual Blocker Confined Vacuum

Another amazing feature of the smart vacuum cleaner is its ability to carry out cleanliness in only specified areas on the floor. You can create virtual walls top prevent the robotic vacuum cleaner from going to specific places such as children’s playroom. The feature helps you to limit the scope of the machine ensuring the safety of your children and pets in the house.

The Bottom Line

The ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaner will help create a comfortable and healthy environment in your house. The vacuum cleaner will enable you to clean your floor within a short period and it does the job perfectly. The machine is easy to operate and you do not need any technical skills to use it. You do not need to be in the house or in the office during the cleaning process. If you do not like wasting time doing a manual vacuum cleaning of your floor, then the ILIFE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Automatic Floor Cleaner with Self Charging and Wet /Dry Mop is the perfect choice for you.

Also available without the mop.